Why Fetch?

Choose Fetch! for our experienced, vetted, animal loving pet sitters

Our Sitters Are Thoroughly Vetted

We do our due diligence when hiring to make sure every single one of our sitters is not only safe and reliable but that they have a true passion for pets and people.

  • All sitters pass a mandatory background check.
  • All sitters go through an in-depth interview process.
  • All sitters are required to provide any essential personal information.
  • All sitters are required to be bonded and insured.

Meet Your Sitter Before You Schedule

We believe that you and your pet should feel as comfortable as possible with your sitter before our scheduled service takes place. That’s why we offer a free in-home consultation before your first service begins. This gives everyone a chance to get to know each other and make sure that this is a good fit.

You’ll Get The Same Trusted Sitter Every Time

When you schedule a service with us, we’ll partner you with a primary and back-up pet sitter based on your needs and schedule. You’ll have the chance to meet these nearby sitters and once you approve of them, we’ll assign them to your account. Any time you schedule services thereafter, you’ll receive care from your primary or back-up sitter. This way you know your pet is getting care from someone you (and they) know, trust, and like every time.

We’ve Earned a Glowing Reputation

With tens of thousands of satisfied clients nationwide, we’ve earned a solid reputation as the most trusted and reliable pet care service in the country. And it isn’t just Fetch as a company. Each of our sitters come with fantastic reviews of their own and our local owners are constantly reviewing feedback surveys to ensure it stays that way.

Meet The Owner


Hello everyone!  My name is Reva Campbell, and I am the owner of Fetch Pet Care Loveland.   I am the proud pet parent of two fur babies (Jelly & Jay).   I am very blessed to have them both as part of my family.   I have had a passion for animals my entire life.   My love for animals began in early childhood.  Growing up as an only child, my pets were my first companions.  Over the years, I have enjoyed helping animals by volunteering for local shelters as a dog walker and an organizer of fundraising events.   This passion for animals has encouraged me to embark on building a team of passionate animal lovers like myself.

As a lifelong pet parent, I know how important quality, reliable pet care is.  I am excited to bring Fetch Pet Care to Loveland and the surrounding areas.  All pet care providers are animal lovers carefully selected to be part of the team.  We are bonded and insured.  All pet sitters are background-checked and have specialized skills in caring for dogs, cats, and other animals.

We look forward to serving you and your pets!

Meet Our Sitters

David - Dog Trainer

David is nationally certified through The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT). Prior to receiving his certification he received training at the Animal Behavior College. He has trained under industry experts such as Sophia Yin, renowned veterinarian, animal behaviorist and has incorporated these techniques into his own methods of training, David has worked countless volunteer hours for no-kill rescue organizations such as Lucky Paws Shelter, Luv of Dogs Inc, One by One Rescue, Home Fur Good, BFF Rescue, AAWL, Paws Placement, The North American Search and Rescue Dog Network, and The Delta Society’s Pet Partner’s Program; just to name a few. David has trained hundreds of homeless dogs, most of which have found forever homes with the help of his obedience training and behavior modification. He has joined lobby groups to aid in changing breed ban, dogfighting, animal exploitation, and animal abuse laws. David also trains emotional support dogs for America’s combat veterans and was nominated to represent Mayday Pit Bull Rescue in receiving The 2015 Outstanding Community Partner Award, given by the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections. David’s positive approach to dog training and his dedication to improving the lives of dogs and their families makes him the perfect addition to our team.

Michelle - Dog Trainer

Michelle has been a professional dog trainer since 2020, when she graduated with distinction from the rigorous Karen Pryor Academy (KPA), a world-renowned program that is a leader in positive, science-based dog training. Along with her prestigious KPA certification, she also has been certified by The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT-KA) which requires completion of over 300 hours of training experience, a comprehensive exam, and ongoing continued education. In addition, Michelle has completed her Fear Free Pets Dog Trainer certification and is a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Michelle’s training experience began years ago as a Marine Mammal Trainer at a non-profit aquarium in Niagara Falls, New York. She utilized the same operant conditioning training techniques that correspond to the clicker training method that she applies today. In addition to her training experience, Michelle also spent over 15 years working in Global Finance, holding positions in Communications and Human Resources. The combination of her prior training expertise along with her time focused on employee communications and development led to her desire to become a dog trainer working directly with kind-hearted humans and their cherished canine companions.


Ruth has always loved animals since a very young age, but especially dogs. Her mom tells stories where she had to keep Ruth from running after every dog or cat she saw. Since she was a girl, Ruth has had the blessing of sharing her life with dogs. As an adult she became passionate about them and read many books about training and obedience. Ruth believes animals should always be treated with respect and compassion. Pets are part of the family and are loved as such. Being around dogs brings Ruth so much joy. Coming home to a wagging tail is pure bliss.


Ariane is originally from Brazil where she worked as a pharmacist. She is a proud pet parent of a 3-year-old Yorkshire that she brought with her from Brazil. Prior to joining Fetch, she provided in home pet care to pet owners while they were on vacation. Ariane takes her job seriously and pays attention to the details. She lovingly goes the extra mile for all the pets that are in her care.


Elizabeth grew up on a cattle farm and spent her childhood and teen years caring for cats, dogs, rabbits, turtles, cows, and horses. She has both personal and professional experience caring for animals. She worked as a veterinary assistant in a veterinarian hospital and has also worked as a kennel technician. Elizabeth has formal training in giving shots, medication and basic first aid for pets. She is trained and certified in radiology safety for dogs, as well as trained in fear free handling of dogs. Elizabeth is a very kind and compassionate pet care provider who works very hard to make sure all of her fury clients receive the best care possible. She is highly recommended by all of the pet parents that she works with.


Joann has been around animals her whole life. Growing up on a working farm in central Minnesota, she always had dogs and cats in addition to chickens, cows, hamsters, rabbits and much to her father’s chagrin, white mice. Moving to Ohio over 20 years ago, she found herself on another farm and with more pets. When she and her husband decided to down-size they still wanted enough acreage so their fur babies could run. She is currently a mom to 2 Standard Poodles: Sunny (Blonde) and Asher (Black), a Poodle/St. Bernard mix named Bear (as in teddy bear) and she is owned by a 19-year-old cat named Roger. She believes our pets are our family and as such should be treated that way.


Megan is a Graphic Designer with a strong eye for detail, a love of all things outdoors and passion for pets! Her love for animals started at a young age. Her family has always been big advocates for dogs in need, so fostering and adopting rescue dogs has always been part of her household routine. With anywhere from 2-3 pets growing up, it’s safe to say her love for them has only grown with age. Although she currently doesn’t have any pets of her own, she views both her mom and brothers’ dogs as if they were her own. She believes that pets become more than simply that, they become a member of your family or as she sees it, your children! It’s all about going above and beyond for our furry friends, that, and the cuddles.


Ryan is a student at UC and a lover of all types of animals. Growing up, he had multiple dogs, cats, Guinea pigs, gerbils, and a ferret. In his free time, he likes to go on walks with his girlfriend and his dog Gus. He enjoys playing volleyball and basketball with his friends. At UC, he is studying computer engineering. He chose to be a pet sitter because he loves animals and getting to spend his free time with them has always been a big part of his life. He is available for dog walks, as well as overnights.