Puppy Training

Helping your Pup Become the Goodest of Dogs

If you want to help your puppy learn and grow just as fast as they can, you’re going to need to give them lots of attention and a consistent routine. While work and other responsibilities can be a struggle to balance, we are here to make sure the “consistent” part of in-home puppy care happens. Our local puppy sitters can assist you in creating a customized feeding, exercise, and potty schedule that makes sense for both you and your dog.

Not looking to leave your furry friend at home all day? We have the perfect solution! Our reliable puppy-sitting services from Fetch! Pet Care can come to your home and provide full-service, in-home puppy care — everything from walks to meals and more. Whether you are away for one day or a few, you can trust your pup will be in the best care with our professional sitters.

How Fetch! Puppy Sitting Works


We match you with an experienced, nearby sitter based on your dog’s breed, your schedule, and your specific needs.


You meet with the puppy sitter virtually or in-person (your choice) to decide if they are right for you.


Sit back as your puppy learns and grows with each puppy visit!

Group Dog Training Class

Starting at $50Our small training classes are available for dogs that have completed obedience training through Fetch. It is designed to put into practice all the skills that your dog has learned. By placing you and your dog in public places surrounded by the distractions of other dogs, people, sounds and smells, you can practice getting them to obey the commands regardless of how many distractions are demanding their attention. We encourage our clients to attend these classes once per week to reinforce skills they have learned in obedience training. Benefits: • Practicing skills while bonding with your dog. • Great opportunity for socialization for your dog. • Building community with other dog owners in a safe encouraging environment. • Fun interactive games. • Vaccination requirements must be met prior to enrollment.

Behavior Training

Starting at $150Fetch Dog Training is designed to give your beloved companion the confidence and skill set he or she needs to become a positive member of your family. Whether you are looking to correct specific behavior issues, or you would like to prepare your dog for the CGC (Canine Good Citizen), we customize training to meet the needs of you and your dog. Behavioral issues we work with: • Aggression • Reactive Behavior • Fear & Anxiety • Excessive Barking • Counter Surfing • Jumping on people • Nipping & Biting • Destructive Chewing

Obedience Training

Starting at $150Obedience training is designed to teach the basic commands and put them into practice. Our CCPDT certified dog trainers provide positive reinforcement to encourage learning and make learning fun. Our positive approach to training has proven to be successful in keeping our canine clients engaged and retaining what they have learned well after the training sessions are complete. Basic obedience training covers commands such as: • Heel • Lay Down, • Sit, • Place (go to bed), • Off Leash training (teaching your dog to walk beside you on a leash with no pulling) • Leave It (teaches your dog to ignore what they are focused on and focus on you instead) Advanced obedience training is designed to teach your dog to maintain focus adding all the learned skills and commands together in “real life” situations. Training may be done in public places with added distractions.

Private Puppy Training

Starting at $500In-home puppy training helps you to establish a healthy bond with your puppy and be an active participant in their learning experience all in the comfort of your home where your puppy is most comfortable. Our CCPDT certified trainers will customize training based on your needs and the needs of your puppy. We use a positive reinforcement approach to training so that your puppy has fun learning. This training package consists of 4 one-hour training sessions. Areas we help with: • Basic needs such as crate training and housebreaking. • Proper socialization. • Good manners. • Correcting destructive behavior such as chewing, biting and nipping as well as other behavior issues that are common with puppies. • Basic commands such as: come, sit, stay, down, heel.

New Puppy Package

Starting at $1000Our new puppy package is designed to support new puppy parents with our in-home puppy training and in-home pet sitting services. We understand that work and other responsibilities can be a struggle to balance, and it is not always possible to be home with your new puppy. Our puppy training and pet sitting services go hand in hand to help establish routine, build socialization and jump start the puppy training process. Our new puppy package includes: • 4 – 1 hour weekly in-home puppy training services with our dog trainer • 5- 30-minute pet sitting visits per week for 4 weeks. During our pet sitting visits we will not only look after your puppy’s basic needs, but we will also interact with him and reinforce the training methods that your puppy is being taught in his puppy training sessions.

Your Pet is Safe With Us

Our Throughly Vetted Sitters:

  • Pass a mandatory background check
  • Go through an in-depth interview process
  • Provide all necessary personal information

Safety Is a Priority

All of our Fetch! sitters go through a safety certification program that follows recommendations for their specific region. We always follow the safety guidelines to help maintain positive experiences with pets and their parents.

Consistent Team

With Fetch! Pet Care, finding the perfect sitter for your pup is easy. Our team of experienced sitters is available to help care for your pup when needed. We will match you with an experienced sitter based on your dog’s breed, your schedule, and your specific needs. We also partner you with the same professional puppy sitter every time so you know your pet is getting care from someone you know, trust, and like. By providing reliable and dependable puppy-sitting services, we can give you the peace of mind that your pup is being well taken care of when you are away.

We Take the Security of Your Home Seriously

We know that after the health, safety, and happiness of your pet, the security of your home is a big priority. Here is how we ensure your home’s security while you’re away:

Controlled Access

The only people who have access to your key or access code are your location’s main office and your pet sitter.

Key Monitoring

We track all key movements, meaning if your sitter needs a key they are required to put a request in our My Fetch! app.

Timed Availability

If your home has an access code, it will only be available to your pet sitter during scheduled service hours.